Mary Broadcast Band (2015)

Mary Broadcast (2015)

Pain Is (2015)

Soldier (2015)

Natalia Kills In The Garden Of Lust (2014)

Giulia Impache of the 'Stereotomy Tribute Band' (2014)

Etudes #1 (2016)

Days Of Loss (2015)

Mortal Strike (2015)

František (2016)

Prince In His Own Words (2016)

Images Of The Subconscious

What happens if I provide space for the principle of coincidence insofar as I rewind an already exposed cartridge and expose it again a few days or weeks later on – without knowing which “old” picture will blend with the photograph that I am taking right now?

The 100 Years Project

Documenting the development of one family from 2014 to 2114 is the aim of this project. At a certain point I will hand it over to a photographer who might not have been born yet.