Danube Tower Vienna (2016)

Even Lucky Bastards Have To Die (2016)

Sharp Silence (2015)

Seven Days (2016)

Johann Strauss Monument (2017)

30 Shots Of Pisa (2016)

Infrarijeka (2011)

Metropolis (2014)

404 - Person Not Found (2014)

Captive In The Prison Of Love (2014)

Fotocubism #2 - Tribute To Jean Metzinger (2013)

The Music Of Hope (2013)

Venus The Bringer Of Peace (2014)

Wheels Of Time (2014)

Shut Up! (2015)

Art Junkie #3 (2016)

The Storm (2014)

Imaginary Lover (2014)

The Bottle Of Courvoisier (2016)

In My Bathroom (2015)

Images Of The Subconscious

What happens if I provide space for the principle of coincidence insofar as I rewind an already exposed cartridge and expose it again a few days or weeks later on – without knowing which “old” picture will blend with the photograph that I am taking right now?

The 100 Years Project

Documenting the development of one family from 2014 to 2114 is the aim of this project. At a certain point I will hand it over to a photographer who might not have been born yet.