Positive Negatives (2017)

Images of my wife, me and our shadows, taken by two analogue cameras in exactly the same moment at sunrise in Kiotari, Rhodos, in August 2017

Christine And The Birdman (2016)

Illuminata (2014)

I Know What You Are Thinking (2014)

Kumi Naidoo (2010)

The then head of Greenpeace International talks about his life

Nina S. J. (2012)

Here's To Marlene Dietrich #5 (2014)

Framework - Workframe (2014)

Reunion of "the Sis" (2018)

First performance in more than 15 years of the famous trio

Days Of Loss (2015)

Rhizomatic Circus (2017)

TORLAND Jeans (2018)

Picture from a promotion photo shoot for TORLAND jeans label.

Beatrix x 4 (2014)

Nina On The Terrazza Mascagni (2016)

Painting Perfection (2014)

M.S. # 2 (2013)

Fun (2015)

Before The Whiteout (2014)

A Prison Called Love #1 (2008)

And He Turned Her To Stone (2014)

Roads To Happiness #1 - Andrea (2014)

Free #2 (2015)

Images Of The Subconscious

What happens if I provide space for the principle of coincidence insofar as I rewind an already exposed cartridge and expose it again a few days or weeks later on – without knowing which “old” picture will blend with the photograph that I am taking right now?

The 100 Years Project

Documenting the development of one family from 2014 to 2114 is the aim of this project. At a certain point I will hand it over to a photographer who might not have been born yet.

Sunny Afternoons on Mars

Infrared photos of Vienna