Everything Is Relative (2016)

I Know What You Are Thinking (2014)

30 Shots Of Pisa (2016)

A collage of 30 analogue pictures taken with films that had already expired in January 2006.

Shut Up! (2015)

The Bottle Of Courvoisier (2016)

Another collage of analogue photos, again taken with a film that had expired ten years before.

Akzeptanz ist eine Tochter der Zeit (2014)

Heinrich Steinfest oder: der Meister der skurrilen Sprachbilder (2016)

Avatar (2019)

4 times Mary (2014)

All That's Sacred - In Wealth We Trust (2014)

Lung Torpedo (2012)

Composition In Black, White And Grey #2 - Tribute To Piet Mondrian #2 (2013)